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a lady sitting in the mountains with a lifestraw flask in her hand


Clean drinking water is not always easy to reach when you’re travelling. Tap water isn’t clean enough to drink, or you can be too far out in the wilderness to even get to running water.

What to do? LifeStraw has the solution! They have developed a technique to purify contaminated fresh water.


For every adventure there’s a water filter

Not every adventure is the same. LifeStraw makes sure you’ll have clean drinking water anywhere you go. Whether you are travelling with a group of adventurers, or you just don’t fully trust the water running from the tap in your hotel room. LifeStraw won’t leave you in bad waters!


LifeStraw: first aid

In the event of natural disasters the availability of clean drinking water is a major problem. Contaminated drinking water can cause bacterial infections, so spreading LifeStraw filters in these areas is of the utmost importance.

LifeStraw started in 1994 with making a filter to remove Guinea-worm larvae from water. We won’t go into too much detail, but these are nasty parasitic worms! LifeStraw’s filter has been such a success that the Guinea-worm is practically extinct now.

After seeing how well the filters worked against Guinea worms, LifeStraw began developing filters for microbiological contamination. In 2005 they created the 'original' and since then they are constantly working on improving the filtering technology. The filters are getting better and better and eventually there will be clean drinking water for everyone at any time. The pioneers of LifeStraw will take care of that!


Help yourself, and someone else

Tackling global issues is in LifeStraw’s DNA. In 2014 they started the 'Follow the liters'-program. For every LifeStraw being sold, a child in a developing community will get clean drinking water for an entire school year!

Discover our range of LifeStraw products from LifeStraw Peak series, LifeStraw Go, LifeStraw Sip and carry cases to keep them safe.

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