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Wild Scenery

A Bit About Us

For every one of us there is a journey to be taken; whether it is on foot, by bike, on the water or along the road. Here at Hit the Trail we have a passion for the natural world and the adventures that it has to offer. We have always spent time exploring the outdoors and back in 2014 added a VW Campervan to our family. Over the years we travelled many miles in our van, affectionately known as ‘Colin the Camper’, staying in some beautiful places, hiking through the mountains, kayaking on lakes and cycling through open valleys and along wooded trails.


As our son got older and bigger, and the way we travel as a family changed, we made the difficult decision to let our Camper go. We do know the family who now have Colin and are excited for them, their children, and the adventures they are sure to have together in him.


Travelling as a family of three adults, sometimes as a pair and sometimes altogether, is very different now. Both Russell and Ned are driving PHEV’s, one in a Land Rover Discovery Sport and one in a Jeep Renegade. With Front Runner roof racks on both vehicles, we are able to adapt the way we travel and camp depending on where we are going and who is coming along on the adventure! We have two Klondike Bell tents for longer camping trips where we have a fixed base as well as smaller trekking tents for quick get aways. 

Recently we have been working on a new project for Hit The Trail; creating a bespoke camping trailer that will include roof bars to accommodate a Thule roof tent, slide out kitchen, hot water and off-grid power. The project is still ongoing but as soon as we have something to share, you will be the first to know!


During our travels, we have found the equipment that works for us, so the range we offer includes many pieces that we have tried and tested whilst on the road. We are always looking at new products that are being brought to the market by our favourite brands and regularly post reviews to give you our thoughts on these.


So whenever you are ready to hit the trail, make sure that you have everything you need. We are a small company with a big passion and would be delighted to help you make your adventure the best it can be.

Eco Awareness

Our awareness of the impact we have on the planet has increased hugely over the years and it is something that we cannot ignore, not as individuals nor as a business. As a business we are not only mindful of the products we sell and the companies that we work with but are conscious of the way we send out items to our customers. As much as possible we reuse and repurpose packing materials that we ourselves have received items in but where we can’t, we have replaced the polystyrene packing pellets we used previously with waste card and paper that we shred ourselves; we have replaced the traditional plastic based packing tape with paper tape and have replaced our plastic mail bags with paper ones.

When we looked at what we could do to lessen our businesses impact, we took it back to the basics and aimed to try to reduce our consumption, reuse what we could and recycle what we couldn’t, because that simple phrase, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is a very good starting point for us all. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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