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Wilderness Camping

Freedom, adventure and a huge sense of accomplishment! If you love a challenge, the rewards of bushcraft are more than worth it. From the peace and solitude of off-grid camping to getting closer to nature, bushcraft lets you hone old skills and work on new ones. 

Watch the sunrise with a cup of Joe heated over an open fire. Spend the morning chopping firewood and foraging for food, and the afternoon fishing for dinner. Savour the taste of a fresh meal grilled over a fire that you prepared. Test your knowledge of plants, birds and insects. Have a go at whittling wood. Or try purifying your drinking water. The forest is yours to explore. So go wild and make every moment count.

Essentials include a tent or shelter, an axe for chopping wood, a sleeping bag, fire starter and light. You’ll also need pans for cooking and a cup and plate. In summer, a hammock with mosquito is a great, lightweight alternative to a tent. If you’re camping out of season or in a cold climate, make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough.