Discover ours ranges of Robens tents and which activities they are best suited for.

Trail - are ideal for a wide range of outdoor pursuits and activities, including trekking, kayaking, cycle and motorbike touring.

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The Lodge Pro 3 dome tent with short transverse ridge pole offers twin-porch versatility with excellent internal height and width for three occupants, enhanced by space efficient rectangular inner with vertical doors. Flexible opening outer doors allow easy access protected from the wind, and cross ventilation to aid the low and internally adjustable high vents. Short end pole sleeves allow quick location of the alloy poles for speedy pitching.

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The two-person Voyager 2EX is a stable tunnel tent thanks to features that include the ripstop polyester outer, flat pole sleeves and aluminium alloy poles. It features a large extended porch perfect for expedition pack storage or for foul weather relaxation – something that is much appreciated by self-supported trekkers, cyclists and other adventurers.

The clip-in inner tent features a large O-shaped door for easy access and sitting without stressing the fabric.

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Track – addresses growing weather extremes with designs that meet either the rigours of Nordic winter conditions or the increasingly common hot, arid climes

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The three-person Robens Chaser 3 uses the versatile FlexPitch system with Inner Ring Suspension, allowing pitching flysheet and inner options to match weather and provide full or part-sheltered bug-free sky views when nights are warm.

The inner’s gear rope transfers to the flysheet to keep it in shape when used on its own to reduce weight.

Outer venting and access options include low vents, apex door vent, two-way zip and doors (one with porch) either side.

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Outback – spacious tents combine superlative polycotton with modern manufacturing and design features to bring eye-catching, high performance, retro styles especially perfect for bushcraft life, group use and the discerning glamper

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The Fairbanks Grande is a single wall tipi with protective eaves that extend out at the front to create a porch accessed by a single door with an arch-shaped two-way zip. The single sturdy alloy pole used has a high strength to weight ratio and is perfect for fast, easy pitching. It is slightly tilted to aid access and maximise the useable inner space that sleeps up to seven people with standing height at its apex. The cowl protected top mesh vent design, ground vent and separate mesh door provide air flow.

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The Chinook Ursa S tipi sleeps up to six and features zip-close gussets each side of the door that, when undone, allow the whole front to be opened using poles converted from the door’s A-frame. This fully reveals inside and creates a shaded living space from which to socialise and enjoy views out on sunny days − this Bedouin-style is especially appreciated in hot climes. The neat Internal Apex Vent Control is simple to adjust from inside.

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