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Robens are one the leading European companies for high quality tents. They are producing some of the best lightweight technical equipment on the market today and we are proud to be stocking them.
We stock a wide range of their equipment that we have tried and tested in the field including, tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, shelters, gas stoves, camp 
furniture and more. If you need any advice or can't find what your looking for just get in touch.

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Hydration is important for your health. 
Shop our range of SIGG bottles, and discover the perfect solution for every adventure.

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Freedom, adventure and a huge sense of accomplishment!

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Everything You Need For Campfire Cooking

Front Runner offers breakthrough design, engineering and manufacturing to deliver a world class rack system that is lightweight, strong and corrosion free. The Slimline II features an easily configured modular approach with over 50 perfectly integrated accessories to fit any vehicle and every adventure.

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There is no planet B! Climate change is the greatest challenge of our times. The Traveller MyPlanet made of 100% recycled aluminum pays tribute to the unique nature of our planet and raises awareness of the responsibility borne by each of us for it.


The new Traveller MyPlanet bottle has been created from old high voltage wiring and printing plates. The bottle body: 100 percent recycled aluminum, the top: based on renewable materials (cellulose) which give the bottle an underlying pleasant scent of wood. Most importantly: after many years of use, the aluminium bottle can be recycled again!

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And let’s not change the topic while speaking of facts and figures. After all, sustainability can’t just be talked up, but should be proven with data – in short: according to the calculations of ClimatePartner (a leading international consultancy in the field of climate protection, CO2 balance sheets, reduction and compensation), the reusable Traveller MyPlanet bottle already uses less CO2 after being used five times than five one-liter PET bottles*.


When considering sustainability, aesthetics should not be forgotten. It’s tough to choose: down-to-earth matte aluminum, or a lustrous earth color with a touch of metallic instead? Nature-inspired colors and filigree illustrations make a visual statement. Each of the bottles has its own message and all are devoted to climate protection: to flowers blooming forever and the forest never ceasing to be green, to birds flying and water flowing and to we humans assuming responsibility for our planet – in the knowledge that there is no replacement.

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The Hestra Glove Guide

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