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The Hestra sustainability framework "In good hands" outlines our commitment to sustainable development throughout our value chain. When you choose a pair of Hestra gloves, you are in good hands.

Sustainability is part of the daily work at Hestra. To truly capture the opportunities and manage the risks, Hestra maintains a sustainability governance structure. Sustainability governance is managed by Hestra’s CEO and management team that reports to the Board of Directors. Over the last few years, sustainability has been integrated into the Board of Directors’ responsibilities and is addressed at board meetings.


The appointed Head of Quality and Sustainability is responsible for operational sustainability and gathers the company’s sustainability team that comprises representatives from different departments within the organisation.


In 2020/21, Hestra undertook a project to gauge its stakeholders’ expectations on Hestra’s sustainability agenda, and conducted materiality and risk assessments, defined key performance indicators and prepared the company for sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI Standards, and Chapter 6 of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act. The latter is based on the European Union’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Read more about our stakeholder dialogue and materiality assessment in page 29 in our report.



Ethical business behaviour is expected from all colleagues and business partners, and our expectations are outlined in our Code of Conduct. The greatest risks of unethical business behaviour in the industry, including corruption, occur in the interaction with the public sector in countries with weak rule of law. Examples include management of operating permits and interactions with customs. In the coming year, we are looking to review the management processes related to anti-corruption.


In 2020/21 there were no reported cases of corruption at Hestra or in our value chain.

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Glove Care

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Wash & Dry

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Good advice for a long glove life

Hestra gloves are made to last. A little love and care will help them last even longer. Good for you and the environment. Keep in mind that sport and dress gloves should be taken care of in different ways.

Balm the glove regulary

Grease the leather regularly and it will resist moisture and wear and tear better. Leather balm can make the leather darker, therefore we recommend trying it on a hidden surface first. To apply leather balm, moisten the leather and use a polishing cloth to rub the balm in until the leather is saturated. A small amount of balm will go a long way. Dry the gloves in room temperature and avoid any heating source. Gloves made from goat leather and cowhide need to be balmed. We do not recommend any other balming or impregnation products then Hestras leather balm. 



Replace the lining

When the lining is worn out, replace it with a new one rather than replacing the whole glove. If it is dirty, wash it! Wool linings should always be hand washed. Many other linings can be machine washed, but you should always follow the care label.

We do not recommend washing leather gloves frequently. Water can make the leather dry and decrease the life span. If you need to wash your leather sport or dress gloves, follow the steps in the guides below. For gloves made of other materials please follow the care label.n


1. Leather should never be machine washed. To remove stain, use a damp cloth and high fat soap to get rid of the dirt.

2. Gloves dry best in an upright position. Some models come with a carabiner that keeps the gloves together and is useful when hanging your gloves to dry.

3. Remove liners when washing your gloves. This speeds up the drying process and allows you to wash the liners separately. Please note that wool liners must be hand washed and dried on a flat surface. If your gloves do not have removable liners, do not turn them inside out. The liner, insulation and membrane can be difficult to put back into place.n