We purchased our Hero Camper Ranger from Richard and Sarah at Fun Fit Adventure in 2019 and could not be happier with it. We have already been on lots of adventures, and can't wait for more to come. If you have been speaking to Richard or are thinking about a Hero Camper and you would like to visit us and have a look over our Ranger, we would love to show it to you. 


Please feel free to send us an email to set up a viewing.


To see more of our adventures follow our Instaventures.


For details on pricing,

please contact Richard at Fun Fit Adventure.

Our Ranger's technical specifications:

Height: 232 cm / 7’7″

Length: 482 cm / 15,81′

Width: 230 cm / 7’55”

Net weight: 827 kg / 1911 lbs

Total weight: 900 -1200 kg / 1984-2645 lbs

Optional weight: 1300 kg/ 2866 lbs

Max. load: 333 kg / 734 lbs

Tyres: 265/65 R17 off-road tyres

Water tank: 22 litres / 5.8 gallons

Roof window: Included

Memory foam mattress: Width: 156 cm / 5’1″ Length: 208 cm / 6’9″

Lockable: Yes

Heating: Optional

Charging: One USB charging port, 5V, charging from car (optional)

Electricity: 5V/12/230V, 5V USB charger inside cabin

Roof rack: Yes, Sky Mount, Width: 135 cm / 4’5″ Length: 208 cm / 6’9″
Allowed load on roof rack:
Static (when camping): 200 kg.
Dynamic (when driving): 100 kg. 


Additional extras we had fitted:

Thule bike carrier for 3 bikes

Side and front panels for the Thule awning

Isabella Winjammer - Kitchen awning

Solar Pannel

Electric heater

Upgraded Battery

Spare Tyre

Hero Camper Ranger  with issabella awning - get out and stay home - front runner wolf pack - camping in somerset - hit the trail