Great Food Ideas For Your Next Adventure 

The following are full of tried-and-tested recipes, tips and advice on all aspects of bushcraft-style cooking brought to you by our experienced Robens outdoors team that includes the likes of nature cook, Sander Blom, so you can get the most out of your outdoor experience.


Brine the fish from home. When working with fish hygiene it is crucial –  it is therefore very important to keep the fish away from soil bacteria. It can seem illogical to fry a brine raw fish, but it has a great flavor when less cooked. Brining the fish from home, it can be packed it in an airtight zip-lock bag, frozen and thereby preserved for your trip.


600 g cob fillet (must be frozen for 24 hours before use)
1 ½ tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp mustard
800 g potatoes in slices
2 leeks in thin slices
Black olives
Butter for frying
2 cups of cream
Juice from a half lemon
1 tablespoon mustard
Salt and pepper


Get cooking

  • Mix salt, sugar, fennel seeds and mustard on a plate. Wash your hands thoroughly and rub the fillets with the mixture. Put the fish in an airtight bag and let it rest for 24 hours.

  • Stir the cream with lemon juice and mustard. Add salt and pepper for taste.

  • Fry the potatoes with butter in a large pan. Add slices of leek and reduce heat. Fry until the leeks are tender and add the black olives.

  • Remove the potatoes and leeks from the pan or place it on the sides of the pan where the heat is not too high.

  • Turn up the heat of the pan and fry the fish for a short while on the skin side. The meet side must still be clear.

  • You can add herbs to your cream sauce. Cicely which can be found alongside the road is addition but not a must.


Fish, potatoes and leeks are served with the cream sauce on the side.

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